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Specialists in buying and selling high quality used stone machinery

At Omega Stone Machines we pride ourselves on offering a high quality service. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, our experts are here to cater to your every stone machinery need. Every machine we make available for sale is extensively tested so that we can provide you with the most pleasant and problem free purchasing experience possible. This also ensures optimum functionality and performance of the product.

Machines For Sale

Take a look at our selection of pre-owned stone machinery

ACHILLI AFR 300 CE 2004 bridge saw

The AFR is a compact saw with a fixed bridge which cuts from 90 t0 45 degrees. Suitable for workshops of any size, it features a built in water tank with recycling pump. The two extending tables simplify the movement of workpieces while also maintaining stability.


ACHILLI MBS 3000 TS 2009 cnc bridge saw

The MBS TS bridge saw is simple, flexible and durable. It includes a touch screen, pendant control, laser, hydraullic slab loader and rollers.


ACHILLI MBS 300 CE bridge saw

Featuring laser alignment, this bridge saw is perfect for straight cuts. It also includes hydraulic rollers, enabling you to load and position slabs with ease.


Thibaut Face Polisher GB20

Suitable for a variety surfaces including concrete, marble and granite. Includes 2 traverse options (2220 and 3170 mm) to comply with your needs. The adjustable runway length makes this Polisher ideal for workshops of any size.


Cobalm CNC Machine 2005 Idea 3D LG

Features 3 interpolated axis for work on marble, granite and natural stone. Perfect for Funerary Art, Furniture and Construction Works. Electro-spindle for variation of speed. Internal and external cooling water systems. Included as part of the computer package are drilling plans suitable for the most important manufacturers of bronzes as well as multiple characters and images. Also available is an advanced CAD/CAM system for more complex projects.


Gisbert edge polishing machine BC2000

This machine is suitable for Granite and Marble and has a maximum width of 70CM and a maximum thickness of 5cm. The power front engine head specifications are 1.1/1.5 KW and the power heads bevellers specifications are 1.1 / 1.1 KW. The machine has a slot motor power of 4 kw and a total installed power of 17-20 KW / 26-29 KW.

£10,000+ VAT


Gisbert programmable Bridgesaw

Only used for trimming to 20mm currently, limited use.



Breton NC 800 Speedy Cut Cnc Bridge Saw Granite, Stone

The Breton NC 800 is a versatile saw, capable of cutting granite, marble and quartz. It can be programmed to cut individual shape specifications and is useful for cutting edge profiles.

£38,000 or Best Offer


Fully Tested

All machines are fully tested to ensure optimum functionality and performance.

High Quality

Omega Stone Machines deal in only high quality products in order provide the best possible service to our customers.

Leading Brands

We stock leading brands who's commitment to quality matches our own.

Contact us to enquire about a machine

At Omega Stone Machines we consider the quality of the product to be of paramount importance. This is in order to streamline the service and provide the highest quality in every aspect of what we do. This philosophy is reflected in the brands of stone machinery we stock. We aim to showcase brands that mirror our commitment to quality.


Whether you are looking to sell a machine or are interested in buying one from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


For full details on any of our stone machines or to speak to one of our experts, call us on 01138730102 or complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch.